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Monday, March 26, 2007

Persephone's Box: Like Pandora's Box, but messier.

What are we really laughing about?


I think that, like studies done on All in the Family, half the audience recognizes it as satire and laughs at Archie/Peter Griffin, while the other half laughs with him, viewing his as similar to themselves. So it could be argued to further sexism and racism. There's lots of research on that old show if you're interested here and here.

One think I do prefer about South Park, though, is the equity in some of the relationships of the parents. I'm getting tired of the very standard stupid childish dad with a tolerant wife who mothers her husband - like in Family Guy, Everyone Loves Raymond, Simpsons, etc. South Park has some pretty weird characters, but at least the parents don't fall into that same boring stereotype.

5/3/07 8:27 PM

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